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The Hong Kong Woodball Association was incorporated in 1999 with a group of 9 founding members including the Hon. LAM Tai-Fai, Mr. KWONG Kwok-Kam, Mr. AU YEUNG Chun-Leung, Mr. LAU Chiu-Ki, Mr. HO Chung-Ho, Mr. Ricky YEUNG, Mr. Paul YEUNG, Ms Carmen TSUI and myself.

Woodball sport was brought to Hong Kong in summer 1995 after the visit of a few sports teams of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology to Taipei City for some sport exchange program. When they returned to Hong Kong, the students and staff members brought home with some basic skills in woodball and 10 sets of woodball equipment sponsored by the Chinese Taipei Woodball Federation and started their practice in the lawn area of the University.

Important milestone in woodball development in Hong Kong

1995 (Summer) - visit of HKUST sport teams to Taipei City
1995 (July) - visit of Chinese Taipei Woodball Association to Hong Kong
- woodball workshop in HKUST (open to all)
1998 (August) - participation of Hong Kong Woodball in the 1st Asian
Sports Festival held in Shenyang, China
1998 (Sept) - woodball was included in the sport program of the HKUST
(sport skill classes offered to students)
1998 (Dec) - Hong Kong Woodball team took part in the Asian Games held
in Thailand (woodball as s demonstration sport)
1999 (April) - woodball included into the program of Festival of Sports
of SF&OC (until now)
2000 (Nov) - woodball as an event of the Kwai Ching Sports Festival
2002 onwards - woodball included in the sport program of 8-9 tertiary
institutions in Hong Kong
2004 (March) - woodball became an event of the Inter-varsity Games of
the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China
(until now)

Important milestone in international woodball development

1999 (March) - establishment of the Asian Woodball Federation (AWbF)
1999 (May) - establishment of the International Woodball Federation
2004 (October)- Woodball recognized by the International University
Sports Federation as an official event
- World University Woodball Championship held as biennial
2008 - Woodball as an official event of the Asian Beach Games of


Current Programs (in Hong Kong) 
Straing in 1999, the Hong Kong Open was held in every April as an event of the Festival of Sports of Hong Kong, with participation of overseas teams.

Woodball became one of the regular sport in the calendar of the Inter-varsity competitions of the USFHK in 2004. Hundreds of university students took part in each year. They trained in the woodball course in their institutions such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Institute of Education, the Joint Sports Centre and in HKUST.

Most of these university students became members of the Federation and continued to practise and represented Hong Kong in the various regional and international events. These players normally practise in the woodball course in HKUST on weekends.

A Ranking competition is held quarterly among members and all members are ranked according to their performance. In taking part in overseas events, players are selected from the current list. On top of this, members have their regular competition every week as part of their practice. They are active in joining competitions in nearby countries like Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Singpaore, Thailand and so on. A list of overseas competitions that members took part in the past years will be sent under separate file.



The history of woodball is short, not only in Hong Kong but worldwide.
The problem in Hong Kong is the lack of space, especially grass or lawn area. In the past ten years, members funded themselves in taking part in overseas events while the HKWA sponsored the entry fees only.

In Hong Kong, support from the HKSAR Government to NSAs is restricted to those affiliated to SF&OC. Support in terms of practice facilities, funding and corporate/office management are important for the developemnt of a new NSA. Without the support of the HKSAR and SF&OC, HKWA could only survive and develop in an amateur manner, with a group of enthuaiastic and self-motivating members. Our Executive Committee has also plans to expand woodball sport to secondary schools and the community. Workshops were organized for groups such as YWCA, Wayfoong Staff Club and so on.
Meanwhile, training courses in coaches and referees are organized regularly as supplementary program.

As a now and developing sport, Hong Kong Woodball team performed well in the past. Only with the blessing of SF&OC of the HKSAR Government, the HKWA may continue to develop and get more popular. Experience in Chinese Taipei where the woodball sport was first introduced, woodball is played in primary school as well as in the community by active participation of the aged. It proves to be a good sport/exercise for all ages.